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Copyright Lesson Plans

Copyright Clarity

Copyright Friendly Wiki

Copyright For Teachers and Librarians
Creative Commons

"It is About Time: Getting Our Values Around Copyright"
Lawrence Lessig talk about the problems and issues with current copyright law in an hour-long lecture.
University of Oklahoma-Copyright Tutorial
A Fairy Use Tale by Lawrence Lessig

Funny Copyright Video

The Copyright Advisory Office of Columbia University
Frequently Asked Questions About Copyright
Teaching Copyright
Copyright Clearance Center
University of Washington - Copyright Information for Educatiors
Univeristy of Minnesota Copyright Scenarios
University of Louisville Copyright Scenarios
Temple University's Media Literacy, Copyright and Fair Use
Fair Use Overview from Stanford University Libraries
Fair Use Factsheet
FAQ about Copyright and Fair Use
Teaching Materials - Electronic Frontier Foundation
Frequently Asked Questions from American University's Center for Social Media
Copyright Alliance Education Foundation
Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright from the Library of Congress
Tales from the Public Domain: Bound by the Law? from the Study of the Public Domain
The Educator's Guide to Fair Use and Copyright

Linking Rights
UT Copyright Tutorial
Copyright Information for Educators
The Center for Academic Integrity, a forum to identify, affirm, and promote the values of academic integrity among students, faculty, teachers and administrators (their list of resources is very good, too)
Copyright Website, with basic information about copyright, good multimedia examples of copyright violations, and current copyright news.
How to Recognize Plagiarism, an on-line tutorial for students
Detecting Plagiarism and some plagiarism prevention activities for teachers
Plagiarism and How to Avoid It, information and resources aimed at helping students identify and avoid plagiarism by citing properly
Cheating 101: Internet Paper Mills, a good collection of links to internet paper mills
Avoiding Plagiarism, by the Purdue Online Writing Lab, contains information on plagiarism, checklists and worksheets to help avoid it
Plagiarism and the Web, an article with resources as well as a list of ways instructors can use to help prevent plagiarism
Helping Students Avoid Plagiarism, with faculty and student ideas and resources
Anti Plagiarism Strategies for Research Papers with strategies aimed at helping faculty
Plagiarism Resources a list of even more plagiarism resources
Responsible Use of Resources, an article aimed at instructors with ways to help students use on-line resources responsibly
A Plagiarism WebQuest for faculty (her list of teacher resources is great, too)
Plagiarism Workshop designed for instructors of middle and high school students, it contains many resources and ideas, “The Definitive Guide to Internet Plagiarism” (their claim, not ours), this contains resources for faculty and parents to identify and prevent plagiarism – also has a good list of current examples of plagiarism in high places
Copyright with Cyberbee, basic copyright questions and answers for students (be sure to check out their interactive flash site)
Thinking and Talking about Plagiarism, an article about using teaching techniques to prevent plagiarism rather than “police tactics” such as on-line plagiarism detection services
Plagiarism Court: You Be the Judge, a multimedia tutorial on plagiarism
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