Amacite is a free citation generator that assists you in automatically generating APA, MLA
and Chicago style citations by looking up book information such as authors, publishing year and
company from a title or ISBN by querying the Amazon Products API.

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The fully automatic bibliography maker that auto-fills. It's the easiest way to build a works cited page. And it's free.

Citation Machine's primary goal is to make it so easy for student researchers to cite their information sources.

Plagiarism Checker:

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The Free Automatic Bibliography and Citation Maker
Create a Works Cited instantly & take notes! 323,605,546 sources cited to date.

Citing Creative Commons Images

You can use this tool to create a Works Cited list of research sources following the MLA standard citation format.

BibBuilder 1.3

RefWorks Login

RefWorks -- an online research management, writing and collaboration tool -- is designed to help researchers easily gather, manage, store and share all types of information, as well as generate citations and bibliographies.

APA Style

Citation Creation:
This is yet another website that will help student with both APA, Chicago and MLA citations.