YouTube Video on How to Start a Blog

TeacherTube Video --Blogs in Plain English
A great way for schools to have kids blog.
21 Classes
A good way to get students blogging in a safe, secure environment.
A good website for studets to quickly publish to the web.
What is a Blog?
A teachertube video that discusses blogging.
A good website to build a free website and blog.
Free blog for teachers, studetns, and English language learners, supported by WordPress
WordPress is the host company that Edublogs uses. It has many of the same features but appears to load and navigate faster than Edublogs.
Free blog for teachers and students from David Warlicka nd teh Landmark Project. Great advice her on how to use blogs to shape writing.
Top 31 Free Blogging Websites
Interesting in blogging, but don’t know where to start or where to go, check out one of
these sites and get busy blogging.
This is a basic blog designed for school use. It doesn't require email addresses to sign in. Kids can have their own blogs, complete assignments, send messages to the teacher, and contribute to a class discussion.