TEACH_21.JPG In West Virginia Classrooms. It enables educators to quickly access 21st Century Content Standards, Learning Skills and Technology
Tools for WV Schools, as well as other resources that exemplify rigorous and relevant instructional design and delivery.

21st Century Literacies Tools for Reading the World

  • Basic Language Literacy
  • Visual Literacy
  • Historical Literacy
  • Cultural Literacy
  • Information Literacy
  • Political Literacy and News Media Literacy
  • Scientific Literacy
  • Mathematical Literacy

21st Century Skills: Free Instructional Websites

Teach Parents Tech was created by Google employees who were constantly asked tech questions by their family members. They started making short digital explanation
on how to perform basic computer tasks such as copy and paste, adjusting the time clock, and taking a screenshot. There are 50+ videos on the site.

Connect 2 Completeis a nonprofit organization committed to helping all Americans develop digital literacy by providing access to low-cost computers and broadband
discounts. A three year media campaign started on March 21; be on the lookout for public service announcements.

Media Libraryis a free resource site for teachers sponsored by the Media Library of Teaching Skills. It is basically a video window into the classrooms of other teachers.
The videos are authentic experiences, not videos on best practices. They range from 5 to 15 minutes in length.

USA Learns is a free website and iPhone app for adults to learn English.

Math and Science through Cooking
is a website featuring Chef Jamika Pessoa,who teaches math and science through cooking.

Stack of Resourcesis a Delicious stack of resources

The New ScientistVideos about science.
The video below from New Scientist best illustrates the kinds of innovative work being done with teaching students.